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How do you STAY ON TOP of your busy life? How do you maintain MUCH-NEEDED ENERGY each day? How do you ensure that you and your family are receiving the VITAL NUTRITION needed to live a happy, healthy life today and in the future?

It’s my honor and pleasure to introduce you to Reliv.

The world leader in optimal nutrition, Reliv International’s cutting-edge formulas deliver optimal nutrient levels in forms that are readily absorbed by the body. Reliv nutrition works!
Reliv nutritional formulas for overall wellness are perfectly formulated for every member of your family … delicious and nutritious, and life-changing for everyone who makes Reliv products part of their daily life. For people of all backgrounds who want to lead healthy, self-directed and meaningful lives, Reliv offers exceptionally effective nutritional products, a simple and profitable business opportunity and the chance to change lives and provide hope to people around the world.
So, Reliv provides health of mind, body and spirit. While improving your and your family’s physical health and well being, it provides a means to improve, restore and secure your family’s economic and financial health and well being.
With a full line of overall health and health-improving products such as those targeting heart health, joint health, blood sugar management, anti-aging, and more, there is also a  highly-effective weight loss product line!
As parents of multiples, we all need to be and stay on top of our game. Our kids energy levels are enormous, and we have to keep up, actually keep ahead in order to be the best parents we can be for our kids today and tomorrow!
With Reliv, we can also rest assured that we are providing our CHILDREN with optimal, complete nutrition to supplement and cover all of their nutritional needs for growth and future health. Reliv Now for Kids is fortified with a healthy soy powder Reliv called LunaRich™, exclusive to Reliv.


Reliv Now for Kids is Soy Much Better!

The most advanced nutritional formula for children just moved up a grade. Reliv Now® for Kids has added LunaRich™ healthy soy powder! Second Line of Defense Reliv Now for Kids goes beyond ordinary children’s nutritional supplements to deliver key nutrients essential to the development of a child’s brain, eyes and nervous system. And with the addition of LunaRich healthy soy powder, Reliv Now for Kids is better than ever for children’s health. LunaRich soy powder contains 5-10 times the amount of bioactive lunasin found in ordinary soy powders. Lunasin contributes to optimal cell health and provides a second line of defense against cellular damage when the body’s initial defenses are depleted. Here’s how it works:

Lunasin nourishes: provides the nutritional fuel to promote optimal expression of genes required for normal cell function.

Lunasin protects: reduces inflammation and cell damage caused by free radicals and other environmental hazards. Protects in two ways:

    1. Prevention. Activates the expression of genes that help reduce cell damage and prevents the expression of genes that can cause cell damage.
    2. Maintenance. Helps remove damaged cells from the body that may cause chronic health problems.

Reliv’s 20+ Year History

Dr. Theodore Kalogris developed the original formula known today as Reliv Classic®, the very foundation and basis upon which Reliv was born. Dr. Ted, who worked tireless for years researching and formulating his scientifically proven health-transforming supplement, had a passion for human nutrition and a passion to nourish the world. Though Dr. Ted passed away several years ago, his legacy and passion for sharing Reliv with the world has continued in the work of the Kalogris Foundation.

Reliv Kalogris Foundation Achieves Record Donations 

Funds provide free nutritional supplements to 42,000 people every day

The Reliv Kalogris Foundation announced that donors gave a record $1.2 million in 2010 to provide free nutritional supplements to 42,000 people everyday in 10 countries.

In addition, the Foundation donated funds to build a feeding center in the Philippines during 2010, and funds for an orphanage in northern Haiti. The orphanage project is under construction. The organization provides free supplements to those who use the feeding center and will provide products to those who will live in the orphanage.

You’ll find the entire product line, testimonials from very satisfied customers who understand the importance of sharing Reliv with the world, as well as the foundation, background and beliefs of the founders and present leaders of Reliv.
Reliv is changing lives, including mine and my family’s. We all are true believers in the health benefits, the energy and wellness it provides us with, and that we need to let others we know, care about and who express interest LEARN how Reliv can improve their lives, too!


I know that there are many, many home business opportunities out there today. I’ve personally researched and sampled many of them. Not until now, have I found the business to grow that I can do so with such passion, pride and knowledge of Reliv’s honorable and noble goals of improving both physical and financial health!

Reliv provides a truly HEALTHY WAY to WORK FROM HOME for you and your family.
It does for me!

Now, check this out!

Finally, healthy energy …. Give 24K, Reliv’s HEALTHY ENERGY SHOT, a try today!
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You may enjoy this video of our client, Nikki of Nikki Fitness on Fox just 2 weeks ago!
 As seen on Fox News

Enter VIP code: fran, and create your user name

You’ll be directed to a page introducing Reliv’s 24K, the healthy energy shot …

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If you’re convinced that Reliv can provide you with a lucrative, successful home business promoting and growing a business that improves the lives of the people you touch, then simply select the Become a Distributor tab.

When directed to provide the name of your sponsor (the person who introduced you to Reliv), please type in Fran Pitre.

Blessings ~

Independent Reliv Distributor
If another Reliv distributor directed you to this website, please contact that distributor for further information. By working with the person who first introduced you to Reliv, you are helping us maintain the integrity of our company. However, if this is your first exposure to Reliv we would love to hear from you!
 I’m so blessed to help my family prosper … do you want to, too? CLICK here!

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