Welcome Moms of Twins

If You’re a MOM OF TWINS and are looking for support, information, helpful resources, you’re in the RIGHT PLACE!

It is my pleasure to provide you information, solutions and advice about vital, important, necessary issues that matter most and are exclusively pertinent to parents of multiples. This is also a fantastic forum to discuss and debate any topic you’d like concerning the crazy, yet blessed lives we share in common!

So, please feel free to browse around and read some very insightful articles and please share your comments!

For questions, or if you would like to contact me, please email to: fpdesign@comcast.net

Warm blessings to you and your family ~



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15 thoughts on “Welcome Moms of Twins

  1. Wonderfully insightful and informative blog. Are you a member of the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Club, Inc (NOMOTC) or a local parents of mulitples club in your area? As Executive VP of NOMOTC, I would like to invite you and your readers to join our organization. NOMOTC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families of multiple birth children through education, research, and networking. In partnering with local support groups, health care providers, researchers, and educators, and with the highest standards of integrity, respect and professionalism, we endeavor to aid parents of multiples and to raise public awareness of the unique qualities of multiple birth families. For more information, contact me at Executivevp@nomotc.org or visit our website at http://www.nomotc.org.
    Together we can support and inform parents of multiples

  2. Just found this site…wish I’d found it a year ago when I found out I was expecting twins (#10 and #11)! Despite having had so many babies I knew nothing about being pregnant/having twins so I feel like a first-time mom all over again! It’s a whole new world, that’s for sure!

  3. Hi Fran:

    What a wonderful website you have developed. Your writings are from the heart with real life experiences. I will definitely recommend this site to anyone that is expecting twins!

    Congrats on all your hard work!


  4. Hi Fran, Curt showed me your site today, it’s fabulous what you’re doing here. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have one set of twins, let alone 3! You must have an amazing family, I can imagine all the fun you have. Regards from Julieanne

  5. I just love this page. A twins group I belong to had posted one of the blogs and I must say it is wonderful to find, read and enjoy stories much like my own. Our girls will be 3 Sept 2012. Though I have not dressed them the exact same nor have they shared a bed they are still VERY bonded and do alot of the silly/crazy twin things that singltons just dont do.

  6. What a phenomenal resource! I laughed when I read that you have had “every possible combination”! You certainly far outweigh anyone else I know with your experience, and I look forward to reading more and sharing your blog with any expectant ladies I know who are expecting (or raising) twins. Thanks, Fran!

    • Hi Lisa,
      Thank you so much for your awesome feedback, and thank you for offering to pass on my blog info to any expectant or raising twins moms you happen to come across!
      Much, much appreciated!
      ~ fran

  7. Thanks Nina! Your support means a lot to me! You, myself, and so many moms today feel the need to help, support and encourage other moms in this challenging world! At the same time, we’re blessed to be able to pay forward the gifts and skills given to us by those women who’ve walked in our shoes ahead of us. That’s what it’s all about!

  8. Hi Fran – I am so proud of you! This is a fabulous information site and blog. There are so many expecting moms with twins/multiples and now they have a place to come and learn more. I wish you nothing but the best of luck with this great site. So glad to be part of your community here!

    Way to go Fran!

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